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Mr February Newbie SB sinx guide.

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Mr February Newbie SB sinx guide.

Post  Mr February on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:41 am

To start it all off, an introduction to Assassin. The assassin is a swift and high dmg making character. This means it hides and gets close to you to deal massive dmg.

The assassin guide that i can provide is only Sonic Blow sinx so DO NOT ask for a sonic blow guide.

Without further procrastination, this is the SB Sinx guide by me, Mr Feb a.K.a Sum / Jeff.

Str : Maximum
Agi : 150-170
Vit : 100-120
Int : 50-100
Dex : (Remaining Stats here)
Luk : 300

Please check that you have ASPD 197 when ur done with your stats otherwise you will have to restats and do it again.

Upper Headgear.
Alice Doll[1] Questable via MattMatt NPC at @warp Amatsu 255 251
Ulle's Cap[1] Hunt Atroce MVP at @warp ve_fild01 or at Endless Tower at level 65.
Beret Hunt Echio monster at @warp ra_san04
Any other headgear with 1 slot is good.

Middle Headgear
Sunglasses[1] Questable via Sunglasses Trader at @warp amatsu 283 227.
Quest ingredients include 1 1Carat Diamond, 50 Feather, 1 Sunglasses[0], 500,000 zeny. Moseph NPC that will give u the glasses is at @warp moc_fild09 209 128
Any middle headgear with 1 slot is fine as well. An NPC that slots headgears is located at @warp amatsu 257 250 from NPC Maarten.

Lower Headgear
Any headgear with 1 slot is fine here as well. Follow the above guide to make a slotted headgear at the middle headgear section.

Glittering Jacket[1] Buyable at @warp turbo_room 120 97 from NPC Armor Dealer at 95,000 zeny each.
Valkyrie's Armor[1] Hunt Valkyrie Randgris MVP at Endless Tower level 90 or at @warp odin_tem03
Any other armor that is equipable is fine here.

Specialty Jur[4] Hunt Eremes monster at @warp lhz_dun03

NOTE : All weapons MUST be refined to +10.

Wool Scarf[1] Hunt Banshee monster at @warp abbey01

Tidal Shoes[1] Hunt Ragged Zombie monster at @warp abbey02

Ring[1] Hunt Salamander monster at @warp thor_v03

2 Vanberk Card - Hunt Vanberk at @warp ra_san02
1 Maya Purple Card - Hunt Maya Purple MiniBoss at @warp gld_dun03 or @warp anthell01
1 Peco Peco Card - Hunt Peco Peco monster at @warp moc_fild02
2 Turtle General Card - Hunt Turtle General MVP at @warp pvp_n_8-3
2 Hydra Card - Hunt Hydra monster at @warp pay_dun02 128 188
1 Matyr Card - Hunt Matyr monster at @warp moc_pryd04
1 Aliot Card - Hunt Aliot monster at @warp kh_dun02
2 Mantis Card - Hunt Mantis monster at @warp mjolnir_08

Firstly, you should make sure u have Poison Bottles and always cloak before you duel. After you have faded, go near the enemy and Meteor Assault and Sonic Blow him as many times as u can and then backslide and cloak. Repeat that and the person will be dead. Remember to use Enchant Deadly Poison before dueling. Check on the EDP buff during the duel if the duel prolongs, making sure that the EDP buff is always on and it does not run out. Also remember to use Poison React before ur duel so that when the enemy hits you, they will be hit by Envenom skill thats auto casted by Poison React skill. This should also always be used during the duel and casting it over the old Poison React buff does not cancel it but instead renew the time limit or hit limit.

Thats it for this Newbie SB Sinx Guide. When i am free, i will make a moderate SB Sinx Guide so that you guys can keep up and get better equips.
The next guide items and equipments will roughly cost 1B zeny - 2B zeny.
So before the guide is out, lets all hope you already have that much money to complete the guide ASAP.

I sincerely thank you for the time you spent here and wish this helped you have a clearer view of a SB Assassin Cross in here.
Good luck and i wish all the success in becoming a successful SINX.

Your Co-Leader,
~Mr February~
Mr February

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