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Issues Regarding RGM and Jobs That Are needed

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Issues Regarding RGM and Jobs That Are needed

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:49 am

This issue has been our problem since the guild started....

what do we need and what do we allow?

we start on the issue about what jobs do we need,ill start of on pally.

pallies are one of the most important key during woe's they help us defend castles well and. kee p our Def strong. next we also need Bio's (AKA Creator) specifically SPP type (Slim Potion Pitcher) their the ones support the pally. well..........

as i can see we lack on of this classes.....

mainly we need the cooperation on each of everyone of us......

we also need Professor's and Snipers, this jobs are both good in defending and Attacking.....

we dont need breakers cuz we have enough number of breakers....

next is linkers, linkers supports our breaker's specifically the stalkers.. their also good w/ bio's so bio's can use their PP (potion pitcher....) .....

well i hope this makes u realize what job to make or to use..... well..... lets go to What do we allow..
We Only Allow "FULL EQUIPPED" members..

But in my case..

i can make use w/ the semi equiped members.......

well if they are semi equipped.. just tell them to talk to me in game...

this is your GL Henry signing Out....

(IGN: Maestro` )

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