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Be prepared for WoE

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Be prepared for WoE

Post  Azel on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:42 am

Hunting/Farming your own supplies is very very helpful for the guild. The guild isn't that rich. So getting your own supplies lessens the time spent on giving out supplies, more time on fixing the party/devo list.

Here are some of the items needed in WoE.


Get an .
Equip it on an accessory.
Kill demihuman monsters.
A good map for BOPS is pvp_n_8-3, 7-3, 6-3, 5-3, kill those orcs summoned by Orc Hero and Orc Lord.


I think best place to hunt Aloevera's is where you hunt Sky Petites. You hunt Aloe's + you get Gokurins to sell for 120k each/ 144k+ if you use Overcharge Skill of Merchants.
A good map for Aloe's is mjolnir_03, gef_fild06. I haven't tried hu_fild04 but check it too.


Get it from Sohee or Greatest General. I say Sohee, pay_dun03.


Get it from Violy & False/Fake Angel, gefenia01 to gefenia04.

5. Elemental Resist Potions.

Get a .
Equip it to your accessory. And kill monsters, there's a chance of gaining Elemental Resist Potions each time a monster is killed.


Since the guild is using Wind Element, I don't think its advisable to use it on WoE. But still, you can vend this thing to earn money.

Get a .
Equip it to your accessory.
Kill Brute monsters. Such as Hodes.

And if approved. There should be a weekly Slims Making Party for those Creator/Bio's who spam Slim Potion Pitcher for us. Adding Gold Coins/Salary for those people who are willing to class re-roll whenever needed. I also encourage people to re-roll to Creator/Paladin, I can help on stats, slims if you needed some.

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Re: Be prepared for WoE

Post  Emi Fury on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:28 pm

Thnx for this post~ =3

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