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Standard Operational Procedures in WoE!!!

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Standard Operational Procedures in WoE!!!

Post  nicoy26 on Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:03 pm

Ok, so first of all. I am Nix. My IGNs were usually Chosen Nix and Cesar Cruz. I am one of the support leaders in this guild.

One thing I noticed during WoE is, everyone is following the commands... but not the whole instruction given to you. Now, everyone this will be our Standard Operational Procedures that you guys should know during WoE.....

Primary SOPs:

1. After entering a portal, remember, there is a 5-second delay before enemies can hit you... So, to all BIOs and Paladins, make sure you guys are always present when entering in the portal. After entering, BIOs, just SPP (Slim Potion Pitch) non-stop. Paladins, devo all your assignments then try at least wearing gtb in shield (anti-dispell) or Cranial for defense

2. Snipers, you're one of the key roles in WoE, so all you need to do is trap behind our stack if we're in defense, then return to stack. If we're in offense, guys, you'll dictate whether or not we'll win a stack battle. As much as possible, kill enemy snipers then champs, LKs, and the rest.... Read these targets for these characters do the most damage to us. Of course, make sure to keep an eye to the enemy GL and GS. He might use E-CALL inside our stack and for the GS, he might dive instantly inside thus, killing all of us.

3. Professors, you guys should check if Land Protector is needed or not, our life depends on your kind. If a GS is in the stack, Land Pro. of course, teamwork is needed. While on Land Pro, we are susceptible to any non-AoE attacks so kill anyone who's inside the stack then, remove Land Pro.. (I don't know about this part but this is what I know. Just mentioning strategies... If there's any incorrect info, reply to this thread.)

Secondary SOPs:

1. Now, in any case, we guys entered a castle, make sure you guys don't go ahead of us. Make sure to follow my character, and my command or any supporting leader instructing you guys. So, what I imply is, we move together, don't go ahead of yourself. As much as possible, try making a tight moving stack. I have 1 effective technique for you guys.... Shift + Right Click on my character or any supporting leader. Make sure you get to know who'll lead you guys..

2. If you happen to be soooo ahead from us, just try and wait us at the portal before going inside PRE-EMP and EMP room (I chose these 2 locations because I'm just strategically thinking. Very Happy).

So!!! That's all!! If you guys have any suggestions or comments, just reply in this thread... Very Happy

Peace Up!


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